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Billboards make a tremendous statement, especially when strategically placed near your business and designed to grab the attention of motorists. It is true, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

  • Americans spend more time today than ever in their vehicles. Most Americans spend an average of over 15 hours per week in their cars. That’s a lot of driving time! Outdoor billboards are in the face of the consumer while they are in their vehicles.
  • Outdoor advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising on the market. Most billboards and other sign and banner programs cost less than a penny per thousand that see your ad. Other forms of medium cannot compare to this.

Total Resource

We have the talent and resources to create and produce your billboard ad. You tell us the message you wish to convey and we can provide you with a bold, beautiful billboard.

Ray Larson Real Estate Group

The following are the locations of billboards made available through Milstead Outdoor. For your convenience we have provided addresses for the boards and location maps. Please call for pricing and availability. (281) 789-4188


10902 W FM 1097 Willis, TX 77318

8' x 12'

1200 N. 1/2 Frazier St., Conroe, TX 77301

18' x 12' or Single board 36' x 18'

7427 FM 1488 Magnolia TX 77354

8' x 12'

710 Honea Egypt Rd., Magnolia, TX 77316

32' x 10'

700 McCaleb Rd., Montgomery, TX 77316

32' x 10'